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Many companies find their profits and workflow decrease when there are large changes throughout the company. With new leadership or management, employees lose morale and productivity. When you rely on Focused Profit Strategies LLC, you never have to worry about any of those obstacles. We are a business consulting company that serves clients worldwide. We know what it takes to improve productivity, which results in an increase in company profits.

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Improve on important business strategies throughout your company with the assistance from Focused Profit Strategies LLC. Our company works on every aspect of development throughout your company.

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Make sure operations and workflow are running smoothly when your company is going through a small or major change. We not only sustain operations, but have proven methods on how to improve every aspect of management.


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About Us

For more than 25 years, Focused Profit Strategies LLC has provided business consulting services to help companies achieve their profit targets. Our company focuses on productions, operations, supply chain, and project management. We coach and mentor management and employees to function more efficiently and work independently.

Our operations started in 1991 with 50 years of combined experience in this field. Over that time, we have honed a list of proven business management methods for value-driven companies. Integrity and professionalism are paramount to our methods. Companies may not have the tools to operate efficiently, but we give them that extra boost they need. The companies we've improved have viewed our methods as a distinct competitive advantage. Our founder is also the co-author of the book Advanced Multi-Project Management, by author, Gerald I. Kendall.

"Every improvement is a change, but not every change is an improvement." -Eli Goldratt

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IC3PM - ISCEA Certified Critical Chain Project Manager


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