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Raise Profits and Improve Workflow

Grow the overall management and operational potential of your business with the consulting services from Focused Profit Strategies LLC. Our company helps with your project and change management operations. We provide mentoring and coaching throughout your facility to impact your operations. Whether your company is in IT, big pharmacy, military, aerospace, or ship building, we have the experience to work with any workplace facility. Contact us for more information
on pricing and timing.

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Change Management

Increase your company's workflow during a change of leadership with our management consulting services. We help improve logistical systems by changing the formal and informal culture, such as policies and measurements. This can be bundled with our development  services, or standalone. This service varies depending on what your business is going through. Our service is customized for your needs, and we do not waste your time or money if you do not need our consulting. With our assistance, you're sure to reach your goals because we stay with your company until its milestones are met.

Project Management

When project management operations get busy, count on us to relieve you of the heavy workload. Companies typically look to improve their time management, budgets, and gain a leg-up in reaching full requirements for projects. Our proven methods give you all three of these results, because we helped write the book on it. Anyone who wants to get "3 out of 3" on their projects should give us a call. This service goes from project planning all the way through project execution. With our assistance, your company improves project time, customer satisfaction, capacity for projects, and achieves a reduction of overtime and employee burnout.

B2B Consulting

• Identifying and removing obstacles to flow
• Sustaining and increasing profitability
• Leadership coaching

Proven Methods

• Operations
• Supply Chain
• Multi-project management
• Change management

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